Cast (version 1.4, released December 2, 2018)

Cast is a Windows command line utility which lets you send text (as spoken words), music, or videos to your Google Assistant (Home, Mini, or Max), a Chromecast enabled device (like your TV), or PC Speakers.

You are welcome to download and use it for free on as many computers as you would like. To download a copy of the program, please click here.

Cast is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-ND 4.0) license.




Simply download and install Cast from the link above. 

Once the program is installed it will be available in your Windows program folders, usually C:\Program Files\Cast

Using Cast:

From the Windows command prompt make sure you are in the directory that cast was installed into ...

      cd \
      cd Program Files\Cast

and then just type "cast -help" (without the quotes) to see the help as shown below, or issue a command like:

     cast -text This is a test

to test it out.

Cast Help screen:
  cast screenshot

Additional notes:

Not all Windows voices may be available.  However, Microsoft David Desktop and Microsoft Zira Desktop (the Windows 10 default voices) should be available.

When casting to multiple devices a small delay is used to better align when playing starts across all devices. Even so, the audio on all devices may not be perfectly aligned.

Cast can send the video and audio of an .mp4 file stored on your computer to your chromecast device, and as well its associated audio to your PC Speakers or Google Assistant devices

Cast can send the video and audio of an .mp4 web file (url) to your chromecast device, but does not support sending the audio to your PC Speakers or Google Devices

The Cast Community Support Forum is shared with the Push2run Community Support Forum - it can be found here.

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