FixMyLocation v1.2 released July 21, 2017

FixMyLocation is a freeware program for Windows desktops/workstations without GPS cards.  It is designed to work around a problem with some versions of Windows which doesn't allow your PC's default location to be reported correctly.

If you have Cortana activated, just say "Hey Cortana where am I?".  If your PC does not reliably respond with your correct default location then FixMyLocation may help.

With FixMyLocation running and your default location corrected, you can ask Cortana questions like "What is the weather today?", "Show me a nearby drug store", or "How far is it to Montreal?" and get better answers.

Using FixMyLocation

When you run the program the FixMyLocation icon will be displayed in your systray (usually found in bottom right hand side of your screen). The FixMyLocation icon looks like an upside down raindrop, with a hole in its middle. 

If the icon is orange then FixMyLocation is working to stabilize your PC's default location; it should take no more than 20 seconds to stabilize your PC's default location.

If the icon is white, then FixMyLocation has stabilized your default location and it will be useable by your system. 

With your location stabilized if you hover your mouse pointer over the FixMyLocation systray icon the program will show you the latitude and longitude of your default location.

When FixMyLocation is first installed it sets itself up to run every time your restart your PC. To change this setting, simply left click on the FixMyLocation icon, and uncheck the setting 'Start FixMyLocation when Windows starts'.

To set your default Windows location, left click on the FixMyLocation systray icon and click on the option to 'Open Windows Location Settings'. This will open up the Windows setting screen that allows you turn on location reporting and set the default location for your PC.

To stop FixMyLocation from running, just left click on the FixMyLocation icon and click Exit.

How FixMyLocation works

The program polls your PC's default location at startup and then automatically every 15 minutes to ensure it remains correct.

FixMyLocation License

You're welcome to use FixMyLocation for free on as many computers as you like!

FixMyLocation is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-ND 4.0) license.

FixMyLocation was Copyrighted by Rob Latour in 2017, with all rights reserved.


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