Reporting for Rackspace  free, simple and effective download reporting!

Here's what the Reporting for Rackspace can do for you:

Presenting Reporting for Rackspace- provide free, simple and effective reporting of your downloaded files hosted by Rackspace
- report only the files and date ranges you choose
- graph completed and partial downloads, header checks, and data transferred amounts
- adjust completed download counts based on an analysis of partial downloads
- list referrals and visiting IP addresses ranked by frequency
- automatically download, combine and (optionally) delete your Rackspace log files

Reporting for Rackspace software does all of this and is fully customizable to your needs!


Smarter than you might think. Reporting for Rackspace:
- can easily analyze the ip addresses, dates and times associated with of your partial downloads and based on these compute and graph equivalent completed downloads
- filter out bogus download file requests
- match IP addresses to countries
- let you hot link to referring websites

Reporting in seconds:
With the Reporting for Rackspace you can see your reports in seconds, change them, and then see the revisions in seconds too.

free You are welcome to use Reporting for Rackspace on as many computers as you would like for free.
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