SetVol (version 1.1, released October 17, 2018)

SetVol is a free command line utility which lets you set the volume of your Windows computer's audio devices.

You are welcome to download and use it for free on as many computers as you would like. To download a copy of the program, please click here.

SetVol is licensed under the Creative Common's Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-ND 4.0) license.


SetVol does not need to be installed, rather just unzip it from the download file and run it.

Using SetVol:

From the command prompt just type "setvol ?" (without the quotes) to see the help (as shown below).

SetVol Help screen:
  SetVol screenshot

Additional information:

SetVol ignores the case used in words

For example the following both set the volume level to 10 percent: 
    setvol ten
    setvol TEN

SetVol ignores the "%" symbol and the word "percent"

For example the following all set the volume level to 25 percent:
    setvol 25
    setvol 25 %
    setvol twenty-five
    setvol twenty-five percent

SetVol doesn't care if there is a hyphen between numbered words

For example the following both set the volume level to 35 percent: 
    setvol thrity-five
    setvol thrity five

Other ways to get at help

Here are two additional ways to view the help 
    setvol help

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