Reporting for Rackspace FAQ

Q1. Which versions of Windows is Reporting for Rackspace compatible with?

Reporting for Rackspace is compatible with Windows 7 (SP1) and above. It also uses Microsoft's dot net framework 4.5.2.  As needed, Reporting for Rackspace setup routine will automatically download the Microsoft's Dot Net Framework and start its installation for you.

Q2. Where do the log files downloaded from Rackspace go?

The log files are downloaded from Rackspace, decompressed and added into a file called 'Combined.txt'.  This file is found in a folder called 'Combined' the location of which is shown at the bottom of the Settings window.

Q3. If I set the option to 'Delete downloaded logs from Rackspace', once the logs are downloaded and deleted can I get them back?

No. If you have the option to 'Delete downloaded logs from Rackspace' set then once the log files have been dowloaded and deleted they can not be undeleted.  Accordingly, if you don't want the orignal log files deleted from Rackspace then simply don't check the option to 'Delete downloaded logs from Rackspace'.

Q4. How does the program maps ip addresses to countries?

Reporting for Rackspace use a local copy of Webnet77's donationware database as the basis for mapping ip addresses to countries.  The program downloads and updates the local copy of this database monthly.  

Q5. Is Reporting for Rackspace really free?

Happily, for you, yes.  Sadly, for me, no. Keeping Reporting for Rackspace alive costs money.  Kind donations are always appreciated!

Q6. What changes have been made to Reporting for Rackspacke since it was first released?

Here is the version history of Reporting for Rackspace:

Version Release Date Significant Changes
1.3 August 3, 2018 a Added error handling when Rackspace log files can not be automatically removed from the Rackspace cloud server
1.2 April 21, 2017 a Updated Logged Activities graph to show all file names when there are many
1.1 April 15, 2017 a Improved performance and accuracy
1 March 11, 2017 a Initial release